Quality and the Environment / Sustainability


WIPAG - we close the loop!

WIPAG - Wir schließen den Kreis!

Careful use of the resources available worldwide is a key challenge for business, politics and society.

Using raw materials more intelligently and efficiently makes a vital contribution to improving the sustainability of economic activities.

Resource-efficient business activities generate great potential for cost savings. Reducing the costs for raw materials and waste disposal improves competitiveness.

Re-using recycled materials is the right way to improve material efficiency, reduce costs and save resources.

For more than 20 years, WIPAG has been a professional partner for this.

WIPAG succeeds in setting up the recycling loops that modern national and European regulations demand. Recycling of production waste is only the first step towards realising a closed loop economy.

By developing innovative technologies, WIPAG has now succeeded in taking the next step: the utilisation of used bumpers as a source of raw materials for new vehicle components.