Superior technical competence

WIPAG is the market leader in the development and use of innovative separation technologies in plastics recycling.

From formula development through to expertise in the use of additives – WIPAG has comprehensive knowledge of the compounding of plastics.

Decades of experience, outstanding competence in our team of employees and constant training and advanced training measures are our key success factors.


Using WIPAG recycling technologies, you can exploit previously unused cost saving potential. Our innovative procedures will improve your competitiveness.

Material testing procedures

In addition to norm testing procedures, we can assist you with application-oriented tests and material testing in our own extensively equipped laboratory.



WIPAG can offer made-to-measure compounds for every desired application. The entire processing procedure will be optimally tailored to meet your expectations and the current conditions in your business. 

Research & Development


Our integration into joint research and development programmes with the vehicle manufacturers, automobile parts suppliers and plastics manufacturers shows that WIPAG’s innovation potential enjoys international recognition.