Composite Separation

During the production of multi-layer vehicle interior components, edge trimming and punch waste is inevitably produced as a by-product of the manufacturing process. This waste normally consists of two or three layers: the thermoplastic base material, PUR semi-rigid foam and a skin made of film or fabric.

WIPAG technology for separating composites was first utilised in 1995 and has been constantly developed since then. Our unique separation procedure ensures that the foam and skin are completely separated while simultaneously achieving a high yield.

The high degree of purity of the end product makes it possible to re-use the thermoplastic base material as part of a recycling loop in the production of the same component or in an alternative, compatible application.

  • Cost savings through the use of recycled material
  • No waste disposal costs
  • Resource savings

We separate:

  • punching and trimming waste from the production of
    • dashboards
    • door panels
    • armrests
    • centre consoles
  • 2-component parts
  • fabric-covered parts
  • back-injected parts
  • carpet-covered parts
  • flocked parts