WIPAG is ideally equipped to process technical plastics through re-pelletization:

Both single- and twin-screw extruders are available at the WIPAG locations together with the required ancillary devices.

These ancillary devices consist of mixing silos for homogenisation, circulation driers to pre- and post-dry the bulk material, all-metal separators, gravimetric dosing equipment and screening equipment to separate under- or oversize particles.

Melt filtration removes all non-meltable impurities as well as particles with melting points above the processing temperature of the end product. The latest filter technology makes it possible to use extruder screens with a mesh size from 80µm upwards.

Uniform pellet size results in uniform melting behaviour of the plastic during the injection moulding process.

It is also possible to use additives to adjust the properties of the materials to meet customer requirements.