From formula development to expertise in the use of additives – at WIPAG, we have comprehensive knowledge of the compounding of plastics.

Odours and emissions: important issues in the automobile industry

We achieve TVOC reductions and improved odours through our new formula; this is especially advantageous for polyolefins which are now increasingly being used in vehicle interiors.

A real-life example of targeted improvement of material properties

The properties of polycarbonate blends such as PC/PET start to deteriorate as soon as the plastic is injected for the first time; the effects of this deterioration include a higher melt flow index and a reduction in notched impact strength.

Using the right additives, the recycled material can, however, be restored to the quality level of new material.

Adjustment of material properties:

  • filler content
  • colour
  • UV protection
  • impact strength
  • mould release
  • ageing
  • flowability
  • odour improvement
  • reduction in emissions