Paint Removal

WIPAG paint removal technology makes it possible to re-use plastics as part of a recycling loop. Almost 100% of the paint layer is removed. The thermoplastics can be re-used in the production of original parts.

Example: production waste

Painted reject material from the production of bumper facias

Using the paint removal technology developed by WIPAG, more than 95 % of the paint is removed from the plastic before the stripped PP/EDM is melt-filtered using the latest filtering technology – currently at 80µm.

With this innovative technology, the re-granulate can be used both in visible parts and in painted components.
The range of automobile parts suitable for paint removal is extensive and does not depend on the base material:

  • bumpers
  • bodywork parts
  • exterior mirrors
  • soft-coated interior parts


Example: processing of used bumpers

Processing of used bumpers is now both technically and financially feasible and is carried out by WIPAG on an industrial scale.

All impurities are separated using different separation technologies: the paint is removed using WIPAG paint removal technology and any contamination from the consumer phase is also removed. Additional fine melt filtration - including adjustment of the filler content by means of compounding - completes the process.


High-quality recycled materials consisting of talcum-filled PP/EPDM which are suitable for the production of exterior components