Company / Mission Statement

Company Mission Statement

  • For our customers, we are a powerful, innovative and reliable partner.
  • Motivated and responsible staff members are the guarantors of our success.
  • We are the leading plastics recycling company in the automobile industry and aim to achieve sustainable success.
  • Our orientation towards quality, customer benefit and confidence is the key factor for all-round customer satisfaction.
  • With our services, products and production processes, we ensure savings in energy and materials and protect the environment.
  • Safety at work and protection of the environment are high priorities for us.
  • Constant striving for improvement in all areas is a determining factor in our everyday lives.
  • On the basis of integrity, respect and trust, we take responsibility for our company, the people who work here and our society.

The contents of this mission statement represent the benchmarks for all actions taken by WIPAG and by all its staff members.

They are the basis for securing the long-term future of our company and our jobs.