The innovative recycler for the automobile industry!

WIPAG recycles plastic production waste from several industries with its main focus on the automotive industry.

In the post-consumer area, we recycle used bumpers from crash–repair and ‘end of life’ vehicles.

Our special expertise lies in the development of processing and separation technologies.

Sience 2018, WIPAG has been part of the globally active and family-owned Otto Krahn Group, which includes WIPAG, the plastics distributor ALBIS, the plastics compounder MOCOM, KRAHN Chemie and KRAHN Ceramics. The group´s sales offices are represented worldwide and enable international customer service. 

Since autumn 2014 we produce a thermoplastic carbon compound. In our specially developed procedure we process cost effectively virgin plastics and secondary carbon fibers. 

WIPAG has been a reliable partner for the automotive industry for over 20 years and enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry as an innovative recycling enterprise.

Founded in 1991, WIPAG is a market leader in the development and utilisation of innovative separation technologies.

Decades of experience, outstanding competence in our team of employees and constant training and advanced training measures are our key success factors.