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Social Commitment

WIPAG Nord GmbH & Co. KG sponsors bouncy castle

Wipag Hüpfburg

At the end of 2007, WIPAG Nord GmbH & Co. KG in Gardelegen won the business prize awarded by the Altmark region. Managing Director Peter Wiedemann immediately donated the prize money of 5.000 € to the town of Gardelegen for social purposes.

Most of the money has now been used for a major attraction - in WIPAG green!

Children attending childcare facilities in Gardelegen can enjoy a bouncy castle that is lent out by the town for special events - fun at many locations!

To transport it, a large trailer is required. Since there was not enough money to cover this too, Managing Directors Renate and Peter Wiedemann donated a further 1.000€ on the occasion of the inauguration of the bouncy castle.

We promote young people and stand up for people with disabilities:


Instead of sending Christmas gifts, we support institutions that work for children and young people, for instance the ""Verein Frühförderung"" integrated kindergarten in Neuburg/Donau, the ""Arche Noah"" kindergarten in Gardelegen, youth groups in a variety of sports clubs and care facilities for children with very serious illnesses.

WIPAG provides training opportunities:

We offer training opportunities for young people for office and production careers. As well as some apprenticeships, our plant at WIPAG Nord GmbH & Co. KG also offers internships for apprentices from the ""Altmark"" training alliance. This training programme is nationally recognised.

We offer a variety of internships for school and university students.

Eight young engineers have already produced their diploma theses in cooperation with our company. They tackled current problems in the areas of electronics, plastics and recycling technology, mechanical engineering and process engineering.

Kunsthofverein Wagenhofen art association

Renate Wiedemann is the treasurer of ""Kunsthofverein Wagenhofen"", an association for the promotion of young artists and for the conservation of the work of the notable contemporary Neuburg artist Rainer Röschke.

Agenda 21, industrial environmental protection

WIPAG takes part in the meetings on industrial environmental protection and is involved in the activities of the Agenda 21 working group.